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About Us

Once upon a time, in the vibrant city of Binghamton, New York, a man named Steven Carter had a vision. He dreamed of capturing life’s most precious moments and turning them into timeless works of art. And so, in the year 2021, Burt’s Portraits was born.

With passion and dedication, Steven set out to create a photography studio like no other. Burt’s Portraits quickly became known for their exceptional family portraits, showcasing the love and joy shared between each member. From the giggles of little ones to the laughter of grandparents, every moment was beautifully preserved.

But Burt’s Portraits didn’t stop there. They realized the importance of commemorating milestones and achievements, and thus began offering senior graduation sessions. From the elegant cap and gown to the sparkling class rings, Burt’s Portraits captured the excitement and pride radiating from each graduate.

Yet, Burt’s Portraits was more than just a photography studio. They believed in giving back to the community that had embraced them with open arms. With each sale, a portion was donated to a local non-profit organization, supporting those in need and making a difference right here in Binghamton.

As word spread about Burt’s Portraits, clients couldn’t help but be captivated by the genuine warmth and creativity that Steven and his team brought to every session. Their ability to capture the essence of each individual and their unique story was unmatched. It wasn’t just about taking photos; it was about creating memories that would last a lifetime.

So whether you’re seeking a stunning family portrait, a graduation session filled with pride, or simply want to support a local business that believes in giving back, Burt’s Portraits is the place to be. Steven and his team can’t wait to welcome you into their studio and capture the essence of your precious moments. Get ready to be amazed and let Burt’s Portraits bring your story to life!